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Transcriptome Sequencing and Bioinformatic Analysis of Cyperus esculentus  

Yang Chen1 , Wenzhi Yan1 , Chun Zhang2 , Yue Wu1 , Zhenhao Tong2 , Min Gu1 , Feibiao Shan1
1 Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center, Bayannur Academy of Agricultural and Animal Sciences, Bayannur, 015000, China
2 Bayannur Seed Management Station, Bayannur, 015000, China
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Field Crop, 2022, Vol. 5, No. 3   doi: 10.5376/fc.2022.05.0003
Received: 09 May, 2022    Accepted: 25 May, 2022    Published: 30 May, 2022
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Chen Y., Yan W.Z., Zhang C., Wu Y., Tong Z.H., Gu M., and Shan F.B., 2022, Transcriptome sequencing and bioinformatic analysis of Cyperus esculentus, Field Crop, 5(3): 1-9 (doi:10.5376/fc.2022.05.0003)


In order to obtain the gene data of Cyperus esculentus and preliminarily understand gene function, a mixture of seedling leaves and roots was used to establish a reference transcriptome sequencing and bioinformatic analysis of C. esculentus by RNA-Seq technology. 19 607 Unigenes with total length of 21 274 744 bp were generated after sequence assembly. 12 896 Unigenes were annotated in COG, GO, KEGG, KOG, Pfam, Swissprot and Nr public databases, accounting for 65.77% of the total. 7 527 Unigenes were annotated in GO database and were divided into cellular component, molecular function, and biological progress with 52 subgroups. 12 288 Unigenes were annotated in Nr database, and the annotated homologous sequences were mainly from Ananas comosus. There were 7 271 Unigenes annotated in 25 KOG function categories, the most annotated genes were involved in general function prediction, posttranslational modification and signal transduction. 154 456 SNPs were detected in all Unigenes, and the transition mutations are prevalent in those identified SNPs. This study provided a basis for the identification of functional genes and the development of molecular markers in C. esculentus.

Cyperus esculentus; RNA-Seq; Trancriptome; SNP
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Field Crop
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