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The Effect and Mechanism Analysis of High Temperature on Rice Pollen Development and Pollination  

Yulin Yulin , Zicai Shen , Jun Tao , Jiaqi Han
Cuixi Academy of Biotechnology, Biotechnology Research Center, Zhuji, 311800, China
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Rice Genomics and Genetics, 2024, Vol. 15, No. 1   doi: 10.5376/rgg.2024.15.0001
Received: 27 Dec., 2023    Accepted: 29 Dec., 2023    Published: 01 Jan., 2024
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Zhu Y.L., Shen Z.C., Tao J., and Han J.Q., 2024, The effect and mechanism analysis of high temperature on rice pollen development and pollination, Rice Genomics and Genetics, 15(1): 1-9 (doi: 10.5376/rgg.2024.15.0001)


This study aims to delve into the impact of high temperature on rice pollen development and pollination processes, along with its underlying mechanisms. With the ongoing global temperature rise, high-temperature stress poses a severe challenge to rice production. We scrutinize the fundamental processes of rice pollen development, with a particular focus on the temperature sensitivity during critical developmental stages. The study extensively analyzes the involvement of hormone signaling pathways in rice under high-temperature conditions, highlighting the variations and physiological significance of hormones such as ABA, GA, and ethylene. At the molecular level, we delve into the regulation of rice protein synthesis and metabolism under high temperature, revealing alterations in protein synthesis rates and composition. Moreover, we propose recommendations for future research and agricultural practices, emphasizing the cultivation of high-temperature-adaptive rice varieties through genetic improvement and agricultural management strategies. This research provides a theoretical foundation for a profound understanding of the impact of high temperature on rice reproductive processes, contributing to the achievement of sustainable agriculture and global food security.

Rice (Oryza sativa); High temperature stress; Pollen development; Hormone signaling pathways; Protein synthesis
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Rice Genomics and Genetics
• Volume 15
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