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1 What is Maize Genomics and Genetics

Maize Genomics and Genetics (ISSN 1925-1971) is an open access, peer reviewed journal publishing basic theories, novel techniques, and new advances within all aspects of maize research, especially focusing on genetics and genomics. It is published independently by the CropSci Publisher. All papers published in this journal are licensed to all users under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License.


Maize Genomics and Genetics is aimed at the scientific community interested in maize in its broadest sense, and is committed to serving the maize research. It publishes exclusively papers on maize, bring together knowledge from the different specialties involved in this very broad discipline, especially in the fields of maize classical genetics, molecular genetics, structural genomics, functional genomics, comparative genomics and proteomics, gene expression and regulation, gene function analysis, trait-controlling, development of transgenic maize, as well as maize varietal improvement and its application in maize production.


This journal presents new insights that are of broad interest to maize breeders, geneticist, and molecular biologists, and anyone interested in the reaeach of maize.


2 Article Types

Maize Genomics and Genetics considers the following types of articles:


** Research article: Original reports of data from original researches, whose conclusions represent a substantial advance in understanding of an important problem and have immediate, far-reaching implications.


** Letters: brief reports of data from original research focused on an outstanding finding whose importance means that it will be of interest to scientists in other fields.


** Methodology articles: present a new experimental method, test or procedure. The method described may either be completely new, or may offer a better version of an existing method, or compare different methods currently in use.


** Reviews: comprehensive and authoritative reviews with an in-depth coverage of all aspects of maize.


** Commentaries: short, opinionated, narrowly focused articles on issues of contemporary interest, including reports about viewpoints on recently published articles relevant to maize research.


3 Open access

All articles published by Maize Genomics and Genetics are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication, without subscription charges or registration barriers. For further information about our open access policy please see CropSci Publisher Open Access Policy.


4 Copyright

Authors of articles published in Maize Genomics and Genetics are the copyright holders of their articles and have granted to any third party, in advance and in perpetuity, the right to use, reproduce or disseminate the article.


5 Criteria for publication

Similarity check: All submissions must be subjected to CrossCheck service. Only those with no similarity when compared in the CrossCheck database can be preceded for peer review. This practice is solely for the purpose of submission's language arts and does not imply any plagiarism or forging existed.


Peer-review: Scientists all over the world are invited to be as peer reviewer in this journal. Submission will be sent to at least 2 peer reviewers for assessment. Reviewers are asked to assess whether the writing is comprehensible, how interesting they consider the article to be, and that are the results original and adequate to support the conclusions drawn. The journal does not consider poorly written manuscripts.


Online publication: There are much more advantages for online publishing, including:

** Peer review quickly and professionally

** Anti-Plagiarism by CrossCheck

** Publish on line immediately upon acceptance

** Deposit permanently and track easily

** Open Access under the terms of CCAL

** Disseminate multilingual available


6 Publication Period

Maize Genomics and Genetics promises to offer much faster publication schedules. Normally it takes two or four weeks depend on the speed of peer review. Using the recommended manuscript preparation formats will largely speed up the paper procedures and shorten the periods. Research articles will be published electronically in provisional PDF immediately upon acceptance. A fully HTML web version and PDF download version will be available within four weeks after acceptance.


7 Submission of manuscripts

Manuscripts must be submitted by CropSci Publisher online Manuscripts Handling System. For details please see Instructions for authors.


8 Article-processing charge (APC)

Article-processing charge for all CropSci Publisher journals is uniform. CropSci Publisher's standard article-processing charge is Canadian dollar 1200 CAD (US dollar $1200), which has no any tax fee included. For authors from the Canada, their article processing charges levied by CropSci Publisher contain 12% of HST tax fee, and this tax fee will be listed solely upon invoice. For authors other than from the Canada, their article processing charges are exclusive of any tax fees.


Payment for APC in this journal should be made out to Sophia Publishing Group Inc. Payment procedure will be informed upon submission acceptance.


Authors from low-income countries and areas can apply the discount for APC upon submission, and if the authors are qualified to be waived they don't necessarily pay the APC. This policy shall be decided by the board of directors of CropSci Publisher.


9 Indexing and Citation

All articles published in Maize Genomics and Genetics will be deposited in CrossRef with the DOI (Digital Object Identifier) identity, For details please see Instructions for Submission.


Articles in this journal should be recommended to follow regular citation rules. There is an exception for unique article series and DOI instead of the page number.


The Preferred citation:

Authors' name, Publishing year, Article title, Journal name, Volume, Article number and DOI