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Research Progress on the Genes Controlling Grain Number in Rice  

Hao Dong1,2 , Yixing Li2 , Shufeng Song2 , Tiankang Wang2 , Mudan Qiu2 , Licheng Zhang2 , Lei Li2 , Yanxia Li2 , Li Li1,2
1 Graduate School of Hunan University, Long Ping Branch, Changsha, 410125
2 Hunan Hybrid Rice Research Center and State Key Laboratory of Hybrid Rice, Changsha, 410125
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Rice Genomics and Genetics, 2020, Vol. 11, No. 8   doi: 10.5376/rgg.2020.11.0008
Received: 31 Aug., 2020    Accepted: 07 Sep., 2020    Published: 25 Sep., 2020
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Dong H., Li Y.X., Song S.F., Wang T.K., Qiu M.D., Zhang L.C., Li L., Li Y.X., and Li L., 2020, Research progress on the genes controlling grain number in rice, 11(8): 1-8 (doi: 10.5376/rgg.2020.11.0008)

As one of the important factors of rice yield, grains number per panicle has gained wide attention from breeders. The formation of grains number per panicle is a complex biological process, which controlled by many factors, such as spike type, spikelet differentiation rate, and spike differentiation process, etc. With the development of plant functional genomics-related techniques, some progress has been made in the cloning of rice panicle number gene and the study of its mechanism. Recently, the cloning and mechanism study of genes controlling rice grain number has made great progress. In this review, we summarize systematically the recent research progress on the genes controlling grain number from Spike meristem development and spike type Etc . We also discuss the problems of current works and future research directions,to provide theoretical basis for rice high-yield breeding.
Rice; Yield; Grains number per panicle; Gene function; Molecular mechanism
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Rice Genomics and Genetics
• Volume 11
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