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Prospect and Research Progress of Millet in Hilly Areas on the Central Region of Shandong Province  

Guoqing Li , Guoyu Li , Xinjun Cong , Na Zhao
Taian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Taian City, Taian 271000, China
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Field Crop, 2021, Vol. 4, No. 2   
Received: 16 Mar., 2021    Accepted: 21 Mar., 2021    Published: 27 Mar., 2021
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The millet industry had gradually become an important part of Shandong's industrial restructuring in recent years, especially in hilly areas on the central region of Shandong province. Millet was widely planted because of its drought tolerance, barren tolerance and high use efficiency of water. It’s planted area accounts for more than 10% of the whole province’s millet planting area, and will usher in a broader development space in the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy. This paper started with the development status and bottlenecks of millet industry in hilly areas of central region of Shandong province, and put forward some countermeasures such as increasing the intensity of targeted poverty alleviation, improving the mechanism of interest connection, strengthening scientific and technological research and development, and deeply digging millet culture. This will provide references for the development of millet industry in hilly areas of central region of Shandong province and comprehensively promote the development of millet industry.

Central Shandong Province; Hilly areas; Millet; Development status; Coping strategies
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Field Crop
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